Sur Jahan

Sur Jahan (previous name Sufi Sutra) is an annual three-day World Peace Music Festival with the motto ‘Music for Peace, Music for All’. Held in Kolkata on the first weekend of February, followed by Goa, artists from around the world and different states of India participate in this non-commercial, non-ticketed festival. The format includes 1 daytime workshop and 1 evening concert for each of the participating international bands. Usually 5-6 Int'l bands and 3 National bands participate in each edition. .

Line-Up For The Year 2019

Liona & Serena Strings

From Spain
Kolkata Concert: Feb 1 8pm, Workshop: Feb 2 1pm

Liona & Serena Strings offers a special interpretation of the Sephardic music and its own melodies to the Piyutim (spiritual and philosophical Hebrew texts), that have their origin in the Spanish land and are based on scales used in the ancient land once called Sefarad. It is a team of six musicians from different music disciplines (Classic, Jazz, Flamenco, North African, Middle Eastern) which connects and creates new, vibrant sounds without losing the sensitivity of treating fragile, antique music and texts with utmost care. The band moves from chamber music through Spanish tunes to eastern sounds, and all the way to Arabic rhythms but always remains faithful to the Jewish Sephardic feel. The band's new album, Sefarad, is selling in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United States through Galileo Music distributer. The Sephardic music, sung in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), has been passed down the generations orally, gathering along the way the inuences, rhythms, dialects and musical characteristics of the countries to which the Jews ed from Spain in 1492 and Portugal in 1496. Even later, after settling in Greece, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey and places beyond, the Sephardic songs have remained full of passion, joy, celebration, sorrow, love and life. The album has a traditional Jewish song and a Moro-Cristiano poem.

Band Videos:

From Hungary
Kolkata Concert: Feb 1 7pm, Workshop: Feb 2 11am

Babra breathes a fresh, new life into the musical heritage of South Slavs. The band was formed in 2014 in Budapest, at the eastern intersection of Western and Eastern Europe, a perennial melting pot of traditional and innovative urban cultures. The ve-member team is rooted in the music of South Slavs settled along the banks of the Danube and inspired by Balkan culture and a family air for the music of Southern Slavs. The team creates new music with unique sounds and styles, while conserving the authenticity and spirit of South Slavic music. The band's personality is determined by the unity of the tamburas and the harmony of the clarinet and the accordion. The mission is simple: to embody their rich musical heritage with youthful energy and add value to its unique interpretations. It has performed at Bela Bartok National Concert Hall in MÜPA Palace of Arts and played at Hungarian Showcase Day, which was part of WOMEX 2015 in Budapest.

Band Videos:
Mario Lúcio

From Cape verde
Kolkata Concert: Feb 3 7pm, Workshop: Feb 2 12noon

Mario Lúcio, the WOMEX Lifetime Award winner musician from Cape Verde, was born in Tarrafal, in the island of Santiago, Cape Verde, in 1964. His musical talent got noticed when he was a child and by the time he was a 12-year-old, he was playing several instruments, writing poems and composing lyrics. At 14, Mario had become one of the greatest musicians of his generation and was part of a revolutionary band of young musicians called Abel Djassi, which introduced sophisticated arrangements in traditional music in northwestern Africa. Today, Mario Lúcio is a phenomenon in his country and beyond. As a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer, he is a point of reference because of the high quality of his compositions, arrangements and philosophy. He is also a lifetime researcher of traditional music, an activity that continuously supplies him a fresh air of modernity, originality and poetry. He is one of the greatest modern musician-composers of Africa and is loved and revered in countries like Brazil, France and Italy as well. A multi-instrumentalist, Mario is the founderleader of the band Simentera, and has performed concerts in Brazil, France, Italy, England, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, United States and China.

Band Videos:
Monsieur Doumani

From Cyprus
Kolkata Concert: Feb 2 7pm, Workshop: Feb 3 11am

Monsieur Doumani of Nicosia in Cyprus was formed in 2011 by Antonis Antoniou (tzouras), Angelos Ionas (guitar) and Demetris Yiasemides (trombone, ute). Inuenced by Cypriot's traditions at various levels, the band composes Cypriot songs inspired by contemporary society and its shaky condition. The team's identity is determined by an adaptation of traditional Cypriot pieces but it has a style that is distinctly its own. Monsieur Doumani's performances across Europe are loved and appreciated by diverse audiences and their music is presented by radio stations around the globe, including BBC, NPR, Radio France, Sveriges Radio, and PBS FM Melbourne. Monsieur Doumani has three albums. The rst one, Grippy Grappa, released in May 2013, won nomination for Best Newcomer in Songlines Music Awards 2014. The second album, Sikoses, released in March 2015, won nominations in Songlines Music Awards 2016 in two categories. Their third album, Angathin (meaning 'thorn'), released in 2018, evoked great interest at the international level and received the prestigious German Records Critics Award in World Music category and was given the Top of the World album title by Songlines.

Band Videos:

From Northern Ireland
Goa Concert: Feb 8 6:30pm,

Madagán is a traditional Irish music band that takes its name from Beann Mhadagáin or Madagán's peak, the iconic mountain that overlooks its home city Belfast in Northern Ireland. Its repertoire reects the thriving Irish dance music and melodies from Scotland and Celtic regions. The songs are in Irish and English, and come from both the sacred and the secular traditional repertoire, alongside new compositions. Madagán will be presenting a musical collaboration with Goan singer Divya Naik.

Band Videos:
Mawlawyiah Troupe

From Egypt
Kolkata Concert: Feb 2 8pm, Workshop: Feb 3 12noon

Mawlawiyah was established in 1994 by singer Amer Eltony to safeguard Egypt's Mevlevi heritage. The idea was to create an artistic, spiritual ambience inspired by Egyptian heritage and the provision of an audio-visual alternative to spiritual meditative monologues. The reason for the whirling ecstasy is the transformation of non-existence into existence. The audio-visual spectacle created by the Mawlawiyah has enchanted audiences across the world, including in India, Greece, Cyprus, France, Spain, Cuba and USA. Mawlawiyah performed at Sur Jahan (then Su Sutra) in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Band Videos:

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