Residencies with Int'l musicians are cultural exchange initiatives aiming strengthening people to people contact with music as vehicle and creating exposure for urban youth and rural artists, opening up avenues to learn and understand each other’s culture, share thoughts, philosophies and knowledge, with the common goal of spreading global peace and social harmony.

Philosophy & What we offer

We host 10-12 days’ residencies preferably with duos, trios, quartets. We organize performances for the guest artists at 2 venues at Kolkata, at 1-2 village festival(s), organize collaborations with both urban youth and rural traditional folk musicians. Sometimes the residencies are followed by recording and publication of the collaborative works, depending on the nature of the collaboration. We encourage artists interested in such exchanges and collaborations, and seeking to experience Indian folk music traditions, to write to us. We are open to discussions to further customize the residencies on need-basis, while preserving the basic concept and spirit of the residency.

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