The Bauls are minstrels whose song and dance reflect the joy, love and longing for mystical union with the Divine. Their music is their means to dissolve into a greater ease with the Supreme Being. Living the life of an esoteric, denouncing the material world, they urge people to rise above the divides created by caste, creed and religion to find peace.

Baul Artists

Mallika Akar

Mallika Akar was born in 1983. Her tryst with Baul music began at the age of 7 through her father Shri Chandbarik Seikh. Apart from music she is involved in teaching at a school. She has performed in Rajasthan, Delhi as well as in various districts of West Bengal. Internationally Mallika has performed in Bangladesh. She was a part of the musical entourage at International Music Festival- Sur Jahan, 2019.