The Bauls are minstrels whose song and dance reflect the joy, love and longing for mystical union with the Divine. Their music is their means to dissolve into a greater ease with the Supreme Being. Living the life of an esoteric, denouncing the material world, they urge people to rise above the divides created by caste, creed and religion to find peace.

Baul Artists

Rina Das

Rina Das is a talented and popular Baul singer who followed family tradition and started learning Baul and other folk music forms from her grandfather since she was a child. She also trained in Baul under her husband Dibakar Das. Rina stood first at the 1998-99 state-level competition organized by West Bengal Rajya Sangeet Academy. She received the Folk Art Master Award at Bharat Lokrang Mahotsava, Allahabad, in 2015. A resident of Bolpur in Birbhum, Rina has performed across India including at Sur Jahan 2017 in Kolkata. She also conducted workshop at Paris and performed in Bangladesh, France. Rina's songs feature in ‘Compilation of Baul songs'.

Arjun Khyapa

A Baul singer from Goas village of Nadia, Arjun is performing since the mid-1990s and is known for his melodious baritone voice. He has his own Akhra, has performed across India, and mesmerized audiences in London (London Ananda Utsav 2010) and other cities in Europe. His solo album ‘Arjuner Gaan’ is a very popular one. His songs also feature in many other music albums, including ‘Lokjaan’, ‘Nadia’, ‘Sahaj Geeti’ and ‘Compilation of Baul songs'. Arjun has also performed at World Peace Music Festival ‘Sufi Sutra’.

Golam Fakir

He is one of the best known contemporary Baul singers in the world, adored for his melodious voice and a unique style of playing the Dotara. Golam Fakir has performed across continents, including England, Scotland, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Tunisia and China. He has also performed with Tanmoy Bose’s ‘Taaltantra’, rendered his voice and acted in ‘Moner Manush’, a Golden Peacock winner Bengali feature film by eminent director Gautam Ghosh. Golam’s songs are part of various albums, such as ‘Gorbhangar Gaan’, ‘Gorbhangar Gaan II’, ‘Lokjan’, ‘Gaiche Baul Gaiche Fakiri’, ‘Lalon Fakir — a compilation of selected songs of Lalan Fakir’ and ‘Sahaj Manush’. He has had rave reviews in Songlines, UK, and Khaleej Times, Dubai.

Babu Fakir

Born in 1970, Babu Fakir was inspired by his father and went on to learn Fakiri and Bangla Qawwali songs in his early years. He came in touch with banglanatak dot com in 2004, was subsequently trained in Bangla Qawwali, and went on to perform in different cities of the country and abroad, including in Paris, the UK, Switzerland, Copenhagen, and Japan. He specializes in the songs of Lalan Fakir, Duddu Shah, Panju Shah as well as Kirtan (a devotional music genre). He also trains young artists. His songs also feature in many other music albums, including Nadia, 'Gorbhangar Gaan', 'Bangla Qawwali' and "Baul" Compilation of Baul songs'.

Arman Fakir

He was initiated into Marfati music by his Guru Gani Pagol of Bangladesh through Kadria Tarika, a form of Fakiri music introduced by Abdul Kader Jilani. However, Armaan’s first Guru was his father Shamsuddin Khan, better known as Shamu Pagal. Armaan has specialized in Bangla Qawwali since 1995 and also continues to sing the songs of Lalon Fakir from childhood. He has a vast repertoire of songs composed by various lyricists. Armaan has immense contribution behind ‘Sahaj Geeti’ — a compendium of 1200 Baul-Fakiri songs. He is also well-known for his philosophical verses. A renowned Guru of Fakiri music, Armaan trains young artists at his ashram in Nadia’s Gorbhanga. He also trained the actors of Bengali feature film ‘Moner Manush’, based on the life of Lalon Fakir and directed by Gautam Ghosh. He leads a Bangla Qawwali team that has performed in different cities of India and abroad. His songs are part of the albums ‘Gorbhangar Gaan’, ‘Lokjan’, ‘Nadia’, 'Bangla Qawwali' and ‘Compilation of Baul songs'.

Subhadra Sharma

Subhadra Sharma is one of the most famous female Baul singers (Baulani) from Chapra, Nadia. She has learnt her skills under Guru Christian Samuel Mondol and knows songs of different great composers. She has sung for the album like 'Baulanir Gaan'. Apart from performing across most of the metro cities of India, Subhadra has led Baul Fakiri team at the Damascus Festival of Spiritual & Religious Music, Syria in 2012 and Namaste India Festival in Japan in 2011. She has participated in the 2015 Gannat Festival in France.

Amanat Fakir

Amanat Fakir specializes in Baul and Fakiri music. Born into a family of traditional singers, he grew up learning Muslim wedding songs from his mother and the Panchali – a form of musical storytelling, from his father. As a child, he would sing Alkap in a music group led by his elder brother. At 22, he became a disciple of the famous Mehbub Fakir who broadened his horizons considerably and went on to learn from brilliant performers like Jahiruddin and Khodabaksh whose tutelage turned him into a name to be reckoned with in the world of folk music. His performance received appreciation from all over West Bengal and also from Assam and Delhi.

Bhajan Das Bairagya

Bhajan Das Bairagya today is a renowned Baul singer famous for his skills in playing instruments like Ektara, Dugi, Khamak and Harmonium. Trained by his Guru Sadhan Darbesh, he has performed in New Delhi, Goa, Pune and Bhubaneswar. His only performance outside India was in Japan in 1991 and ‘Colours of Ostrava’ in the Czech Republic 2017.

Chandan Sil

Chandan Sil, a resident of Guskara, Burdwan was born in the year 1965. His musical journey started at the age of 12 under the guidance of Mahananda Khyapa of Joydeb. Apart from singing Baul songs he can play the Dugi and Ektara. Chandan Sil has performed in various places like Nagpur, Mumbai, Goa, Rajasthan, Assam other than the districts of West Bengal. He has also performed at International Peace Music Festival-Sur Jahan 2019 held at Kolkata.

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Girish Mandal

Girish Khyapa of Bardhaman district, is a well known Baul singer. He also plays Dotara, Ektara (String) and Dugi (Rhythm). Girish has performed across India and also at Noyon, France and Trondheim, Norway, Washington, USA.