Genre & Artist

  • Baul

    The Bauls are minstrels whose song and dance reflect the joy, love and longing for mystical... Read More...

  • Bhawaiya

    Bhawaiya is a genre of North Bengal folk song sung primarily in Rajbanshi dialect and... Read More...

  • Bangla Qawwali

    In Bengal the Qawwali songs which originated in Greater Persia, Iran, Kherson and ... Read More...

  • Jhumur

    Jhumur is intrinsic to the lifestyle of communities living in Western part of Bengal as well as... Read More...

  • Bhatiyali

    Bhatiyali is the music of mystic rivers and the lives of boatmen rowing gently upon them... Read More...



Kolkata 2-4 Feb, Goa 7-9 Feb, 2018
So far teams from 21 countries and 12 states of India have participated

Residencies With Us

Thommy & Robert

9 March, 2017 to 19 March, 2017

Katalin Burns

18 February, 2017 to 28 February, 2017


We organize workshops to transmit heritage skills through Guru Shishya Parampara-based training between local exponents and pupils, teach folk music to urban youth, and advanced skills training on aspects like vocal, instrumentation, recording, sound engineering. We invite national, international exponents for the same.

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Village Festival

Baul Fakiri Utsav
Soulful voices 17 November, 2017 Link to TourEast website


Chau Jhumur Utsav
Purulia is famo 22 December, 2017 Link to TourEast website


Bhawaiya Mela
Bhawaiya Mela w 12 January, 2018 Link to TourEast website

Music Tourism

Gorbhanga, Nadia
Gorbhanga villa 2017-11-17 Link to TourEast website